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This blog will chronicle our family and teams various hunting, fishing and other outdoor adventures. We will recommend gear from time to time or share articles from some of our friends.

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Seasons Are Winding Down

Chris Kohly

Seasons Are Winding Down

We are at the tail end of the fall/winter hunting seasons here in NC. The Duck season just ended on the 28th. The first two Saturdays in February will allow the youth to continue to hunt for duck. Canada Goose can be hunted until the 11th here in the central piedmont. If you like hunting Squirrel you've got another month. If you live in one of the many cities that are participating in the urban archery season for deer you can hunt them until the 18th. 

We have been scouting numerous wheat fields for signs of geese. So far we have struck out. We are going to setup on the best spot this Saturday morning and hope we get lucky. We are also planning on doing a few sits before the urban archery season ends. 

Turkey Season is Coming!!

Once the urban archery season ends it will be time to start preparing for the spring turkey season. I'm hoping that my son will be able to shoot his first turkey this year. He's got a .410 pump action Mossberg bantam. I've loaded custom 3" TSS loads. The patterning and penetration on these loads at 40 yards is impressive. I'll post some pictures in a future post. 

Happy hunting!!!

Deer Season Recap

Chris Kohly

It was our most successful hunting year ever. My wife harvested her first two deer. I harvested 1 in VA and 3 in NC. Two of my deer were harvested with the crossbow and the other two were taken with my Muzzleloader. Two of the deer were taken while I was out walking with my son. He is hoping to get his first deer next year. 

Winter Turkey Season just started in VA and Urban Archery Season just started in NC. We are planning on going out on Monday. We will hit VA in the AM for some Turkey and then head to NC to try our luck for another doe.